Ultra-Fiber Internet

Need lightning fast and reliable internet that's beyond even our standard Fiber Optic speeds?
Preferred Networks has a solution for you.

Preferred is now offering one of the finest internet connections in Nevada.

Symmetric commercial grade fiber optic internet service for the home and office. This is perfect for the serious user, heavy gamers and home internet based businesses. Higher quality than conventional residential services.
With a symmetric line, your upload and download speeds are identical which gives you a faster connection than an asymmetric line with higher download/slower upload speeds.

No Contracts. Comes with a commercial level modem.

50 x 50Mbs symmetrical is available now at $69.95 per month with a $99.00 install/modem fee

100 x 100Mbs symmetrical is available at $99.95 per month with a $99.00 install/modem fee.

1Gb x 1Gb symmetrical in limited areas at $129.95 per month with a $99.00 install/modem fee.

Please call for more details.